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Color Meaning
Main This character is credited as a main cast member during that season.
Recurring This character appears in more than one episode that season.
Guest This character appears in one episode that season.
Unknown This person is confirmed to appear, but with an unknown status.
TBA This person is not yet confirmed to appear.
This person doesn't appear.

Actor Character Episode Count
(Total: 17)
1 2
Kaitlin Olson Mackenzie Murphy 17 Main
Sofia Black-D'Elia Sabrina Pemberton 17 Main TBA
Thomas Barbusca Chip Pemberton 17 Main TBA
Jack Stanton Ben Pemberton 17 Main TBA
Carla Jimenez Alba 17 Main TBA
Scott MacArthur Jimmy 14 Main TBA

Actor Character Episode Count
(Total: 17)
1 2
Arnell Powell Fred the Fed 4 Recurring TBA
Wayne Wilderson Principal Gibbons 3 Recurring TBA
Tricia O'Kelley Pamela Pemberton 2 Recurring TBA
Laird MacIntosh Christopher Pemberton 2 Recurring TBA
Suzanne Whang Dr. Frenkel 2 Recurring TBA
Susan Park Liz 2 Recurring TBA
Nadia Ryann Steffi 2 Recurring TBA
Hector Buentello Geno 2 Recurring TBA
Andy Favreau Kai 2 Recurring TBA
Paul Ben-Victor Jerry Berlin 2 Recurring TBA
Kai Scott Andrew 2 Recurring TBA
Concetta Tomei Evelyn Pemberton 1 Guest
E.J. Callahan Colonel Pemberton 1 Guest
John Ennis Sully 1 Guest
Rodney J. Hobbs Lieutenant Shields 1 Guest
Kevin Will Chester Omicron 1 Guest
Dave Annable Teddy Grant 1 Guest
Sam Pancake Oliver Fishburn 1 Guest
Jason Kravits Barry 1 Guest
Thomas Crawford Alfie 1 Guest
Kevin Csolak Stewart 1 Guest
JT Neal Pierce 1 Guest
Makenna James Ali 1 Guest
Bert Belasco Dante 1 Guest
Mo Gaffney Rita 1 Guest
Matt Corboy Gene 1 Guest
Izabella Miko Yulia 1 Guest
Corina Boettger Zoe 1 Guest
Leith M. Burke Dentist 1 Guest
Julie Ann Emery Karen 1 Guest
Griffin Gluck Dylan 1 Guest
Jada Facer Olivia 1 Guest
David Rees Snell Don 1 Guest
Rachel York Dr. Goodby 1 Guest

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