— Omicron to The Pembertons in The Fire

          Chester Omicron, credited as Omicron, is a minor character on the first season of The Mick. He made his series début in the fifth episode of the first season.

He is portrayed by Kevin Will.


The Fire

Omicron is first mentioned in the beginning of the episode, where Liz catches Ben taping her taking a shower, and Ben blames it on Omicron, as also with the pack of cigarettes he was holding, and Mickey thinks Omicron is Ben's imaginary friend. Throughout the episode, Ben indirectly suggests Omicron as a smoker, a pervert, and a psychopath. At the end of the episode, however, he's revealed to be a real, elderly man. He states that he's disgusted about how the family treats him, and that he went to (Ben's) treehouse to smoke his life away after being diagnosed with lung cancer. At the end of the episode, he gives Ben his voice changer, and goes into Liz's house, prone to being arrested, presumably.


Omicron appears an elderly man; He has a long, white beard, white hair, and many wrinkles. He has a hole in his throat, which he puts his voice changer into.


  • Ben - According to Omicron, Ben was his life-saver, and "taught [him] how to love again".
  • The Pemberton Family and Mickey - Omicron has a large dislike for the family, as, according to him, they neglect him.
  • Liz - Chester has a perverted obsession with Liz, as he makes Ben record her twice while she's taking a shower.


  • Omicron was originally from Jupiter, Florida
  • He uses a voice changer