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Mickey - Hey, are you bacon in the sun? Get it?
Fred - Because I'm a pig?
— Quoted from The Baggage

          Fred the Fed is a recurring character on the first season of The Mick. He made his series début in the second episode of the first season.

He is portrayed by Arnell Powell.


Fred is an FBI officer. He makes his debut in The Grandparents, where Chip states that there's a "Pig" at the front of the mansion.

In a few episodes, Mickey teases him, calling him "Bacon", referring to a rude-intentioned name for police, a "Pig".

In The Baggage, it's revealed he likes Mickey. He has a whole image wall for her in his van, which takes up about a third of the wall.


The Balloon

While Chip is riding the pony that he and Sabrina ordered for Ben's birthday, Fred is sitting in his car while in a stakeout outside the Pemberton Mansion. Chip rides by Fred's car and tries to look brave while he was internally freaking out about riding the pony.

The Master


The Baggage

When Chip, Jerry Berlin, and Jimmy try to blackmail Dante, Fred busts into their room and questions what they're doing. After the explanation, he sets up a plan for Dante to leave Mickey, and reveals he likes her too. At the end of the episode, Mickey tells Fred that he can't be an available suitor because of "the pig stuff".


Fred usually wears a light yellow shirt, jeans and a blue-striped tie.

Physical features include a small goatee, brown eyes, dark skin, and a shaved head.


  • Mickey - Fred seems to be in good terms with Mickey, despite the constant teasing and name-calling.