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Don't you worry about me. I can handle my 'Quil.
— Mickey to Sabrina in Pilot

          Mackenzie Molng (A.K.A Mackenzie Murphy, Mickey, or Mick) is the main character of The Mick. She is an irresponsible drifter, relocates from Rhode Island, to Greenwich, Connecticut to become the parental guardian for her niece and nephews because her very wealthy – and estranged – sister and husband must flee the country to avoid being arrested on federal fraud charges. She made her series début in the Pilot.

She is portrayed by Kaitlin Olson.


Mackenzie seems to be an outcast to her brother-in-law and his friends. She is referred to as "the sister" in the party. She is lazy and irresponsible. She moves to Connecticut because her sister invited her to a barbecue (Which she always does but Mackenzie never shows up). When the FBI came to arrest Mackenzie's sister and her husband, Mackenzie's sister asks her to take custody of her three kids, which she doesn't admires but was forced to do it. Ever since, she's been living with the Pembertons and taking care of the kids (somewhat) poorly.


Mackenzie wears a variety of clothes, usually plain. She has a fair skin tone, green eyes, and medium-length brown and blonde hair.


Well, you can smell my ass when you kiss it goodbye.
— Mickey to Jimmy in The Grandparents
  • Jimmy - Jimmy is Mickey's on-and-off boyfriend. They are usually seen relaxing together. In The Mess, Jimmy, Ben, Sabrina, and Chip sneak out of the house to go to a party, despite knowing the upcoming consequences. Later in the episode, out of sheer anger, Mickey smashes glass into Jimmy's hands. In The Baggage, Jimmy and Mickey's suitors argue over Mickey. At the end of the episode Mickey seems to break up with Jimmy, however in The New Girl, they seem to be back together. In the season 2 episode The Climb Jimmy and Mickey break up again, but appear to have reconciled by the end of The City.
  • Alba - Ever since Mickey has met Alba, she has made sure they were at the same level, meaning that she didn't like Alba as a maid anymore, and she wanted her to be an equal. They are also usually seen hanging out. Mickey seems to know more about Alba out of the whole family, as seen in The New Girl.
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  • Mackenzie seems to handle large doses of medicine, even admitting it in several episodes.
  • She gets sea sickness, as seen in The Master.
  • It was revealed that Mickey's real last name was Molng in The Wolf.


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