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We've been inviting you for years but you never come.
— Poodle to Mickey in Pilot

          Pamela Pemberton (AKA Poodle) is a recurring character on the first season of The Mick. She is Mickey's rich sister and is arrested for fraud. She made her series début in the Pilot.

She is portrayed by Tricia O'Kelley.


Poodle used to work as a waitress at a strip club and married into wealth through her current husband, Christopher. In Pilot, both Poodle and Christopher are arrested for unknown reasons, putting Mickey in charge of Poodle's three spoiled children: Sabrina, Chip, and Ben. In The Grandparents, Mickey learns that Poodle and Christopher have escaped the country.



The Grandparents

The Balloon

The Master

The Mess

The Baggage

Breifly mentioned.

The New Girl

When Mickey is talking to Principal Gibbons about Ben's "issues" with school and how he wore high heels with his uniform to school, Mickey defends Ben by saying that high heels are how Ben copes with the loss of his mother, Poodle. But, Ben quickly responds, stating that the heels were Sabrina's. With a loss of the argument, Mickey gets Ben kicked out of his school.

The Wolf

Breifly mentioned.

The Sleepover

Karen, Dylan's mother, refers to Poodle as a "pill popper" as a reason not to allow her son to sleep over at the Pemberton Mansion.