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          Principal Gibbons is a recurring character on the first season of The Mick. He made his series début in the eighth episode of the first season.

He is portrayed by Wayne Wilderson.


The Snitch

The New Girl

The Bully

As Mickey is dropping Sabrina, Chip, and Ben off at school, Gibbons walks up to her and lets her know about a bullying situation going on. Immediately, she assumes he is referring to Chip, saying that she knows that he's a huge target and that if she was allowed to, she would hit and kick him all the time. But, Gibbons said it was about Sabrina. Mickey apologizes about misunderstanding and says that she completely understands that Sabrina can be bullying and brutal. She discloses that even she feels threatened by her sometimes. But, again Mickey is wrong by assuming Sabrina was bullying another schoolmate. In reality, it was Sabrina who was getting bullied after she got kicked out of her friend group. Mickey is stunned by this and remains stunned as Gibbons leaves.