Well, it's wonderful to have our first transgender student.

          Rita is a minor character on the first season of The Mick. She made his series debut in the eleventh episode of the first season.


The New Girl

When Mickey decides to enroll Ben in the all-girl school, she takes him for a meeting with Rita, the principal of that school. When they meet, Rita is excited to have the school's first transgender student at the school. When Mickey accidentally addresses Ben as "Ben", his real name, Rita corrects her, reminding Mickey Ben's name would be "Beth" as long as he was attending the school. Then, Mickey has Ben curtsy and leave the room to play in the playground while Rita and she finish the enrollment meeting.

Later, Rita calls upon Mickey to meet with a worried father of one of Ben's fellow students. Gene, the father was concerned that his daughter was using the same bathroom facilities as a boy. Mickey bashes him with fake threats to "molest" his daughter. But, when the argument comes to a close, Rita decides that Ben should be kicked out of the school.

Angry that the principal kicked Ben out of the school, Mickey forces Jimmy to get some dirt on the school. The two of them decide to sue or threaten Rita that they will sue the school on its low security if it doesn't re-enroll Ben. While Jimmy is left filming anything he can on low security, Mickey goes to the ladies bathroom and kicks open then stall door that Rita was using at the time and threatens to sue. When Rita washes up and leaves the washroom, Mickey walks her out to the playground where she shows Rita all the instances of low security on the campus. She even points out Jimmy squatting in the bushes taking videos of the children and raises the intruder alarm, calling him a "pedophile" and several other words. She then turns her attention back to Rita and says she will report these security issues. But, luckily, Rita stops her and allows Ben to be enrolled once more.

Unfortunately, Mickey's work goes to waste and Ben decides that he would rather attend his old school, overseen by Principal Gibbons.