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No. Sorry, I'm not trying to get hepatitis.
— Sabrina to Pedro in The Grandparents

          Sabrina Pemberton is Mickey's niece. She is the oldest child of the Pembertons, and her younger brothers are Ben and Chip. She made her series début in the Pilot.

She is portrayed by Sofia Black-D'Elia.


Sabrina is a regular wild teenager, who seems to have a competitive relationship with her aunt, Mickey.

She's a bratty 18-year-old who isn't used to having rules. In multiple episodes, she has a problem of some sort, and always has a hard way of solving it.

She's looked down on by the school as a "Traitor".


Sabrina usually wears normal teenage attire; T-shirts, shorts, skirts (occasionally), and a vest of some sort.

Physical features include a fair skin tone, long brown hair, brown eyes, and makeup.

In The Snitch, she's revealed to have a unicorn tattoo on her left hip/


Sabrina is a bratty 18-year-old who isn't used to having and following rules. She usually compares herself better than Mickey at times. In The Grandparents, Sabrina constantly disobeys her grandmother, despite the upcoming consequences.

In The New Girl, she unintentionally says a racist line in a rap, getting many haters.


  • Mickey - Sabrina and Mickey have a competitive relationship. A lot of the time, Sabrina teases Mickey, judging her by her looks, personality, and smell. At the end of The Balooon, she lists the above reasons why she dislikes Mickey, and is about to add a "But, ...", but they're interrupted by Ben.
  • Chip - Chip and Sabrina also seem to have a sort of competitive relationship. They also tease each other at times, along with even rudely insulting each other at times. In The Snitch, Sabrina tries to convince Chip to tell the truth about who sent him a sext (Pierce), but no avail. She finally turns on him and decides to go against him with Principal Gibbons on the Honor Board.
  • Ben - Just like Chip, Sabrina also enjoys manipulating Ben. In The Mess, she and Alba try to teach Ben that all of the pets he's killed are not the same, as they were said to be to him. In The Mess, Sabrina and Chip manipulate Ben into getting party decorations for them. Also In The Mess, Sabrina and Chip reveal they had another younger brother called Elliot, who they got rid of (It's implied she favors Ben over Chip, showing she seems to only deeply care for her youngest brother out of all her other family members).


  • Sabrina has a tattoo of a unicorn on the left side of her body.
  • Sabrina dislikes red meat.
  • Sabrina also dislikes any products that prevent pregnancy.
  • Sabrina use to take Lithium.
  • Since Sabrina has dated both men and women, she is most likely bisexual/pansexual, but doesn't like labels.


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