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        "The Fire" is the fifth episode of Season One of The Mick and the fifth episode overall. The episode officially aired on January 17th, 2017.[1]

On April 18th, FOX aired the first official rerun of this episode.


Press Release

Mickey tries to quit smoking. Meanwhile, Ben meets a new friend.

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While Sabrina is smoking a cigarette with a mug of coffee, Mickey walks into the kitchen to smoke with a mug of coffee too. But, unfortunately, the mug that Sabrina is drinking from is the mug that Mickey had prepared for herself. When Mickey tells Sabrina, they have a short clash before Mickey grabs the mug from under Sabrina and chugs the remaining hot coffee. It is clear that the coffee is scalding hot and Mickey struggles with the temperature of her innards for a moment before the doorbell rings.

Liz, hair wet, in a bathing robe, arrives at the door with Ben at her side. She complains that she caught Ben filming her having a shower from behind a bush. Ben claims that it was what "Omicron" wanted him to do. Liz threatens to call the police on him but Mickey shuts the door on her before she can say anymore.



Guest Starring


  • Hal Devi as Fireman