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        "The Intruder" is the seventeenth and final episode of Season One of The Mick and the seventeenth episode overall. This episode officially aired on May 2nd, 2017.


Press Release

Life in the Pemberton mansion gets even more chaotic when the kids catch a pair of intruders trying to break in. Then, Mickey tries to protect the kids in a case of mistaken identity.

Detailed Summary

This section is a detailed recap of the episode and its events. You may face minor spoilers. Click to continue.

The kids, Mickey, and Jimmy are seen in Mickey's bedroom betting on each other to see if the kids can knock Jimmy out. If they do knock him out, Mickey will eat out of a dog bowl for an entire month. If they can't they will have to go to bed by 10:00. Chip, Sabrina, and Ben take turns in that order trying to knock Jimmy out but doesn't succeed, but Alba does with a wine bottle.

That night, Chip wakes up to noises of things being scattered and goes downstairs to check out what's going on. Downstairs, he sees an intruder going through their stuff in the living room. Chip takes a gun that was on the wall and confronts the intruder then resumes to shoot him. He calls down the others and the intruder's identity is revealed and it turns out to be their parents, Chris and Poodle. Then they realize the cops are on their way and are expecting to see a gunshot victim. Mickey decides to give the cops a gunshot victim so she and Sabrina go upstairs to Mickey's bedroom where Jimmy is seen still knocked out and Mickey proceeds to shoot Jimmy in the butt. Jimmy wakes up and comes up with a deal, they get him a pillow and he cooperates (he was tired of sleeping on a rolled up towel). Some time later, he gets taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

After, everyone starts confronting Chris and Poodle about them leaving and not contacting them since. They eventually calm down and are seen all together in the dining room. Poodle and Chris tell them what happened, they were staying in a hotel in Montreal but one day came back to the lobby filled with cops. Poodle claims that they're both innocent but Chris comes off with a weird vibe. Then Ben asks Chris if they're home for good and all Ben says is that "there's a long road ahead to clear our name, but yes, I suppose so". Mickey and Sabrina argue a bit with Poodle then Poodle sends herself to bed as she says to have had a tiring day. Mickey and Sabrina seem pretty annoyed with Poodle, Chip only seems to be glad that they're back, and Ben was left confused.

At the hospital, Jimmy is seen cuffed to his hospital bed with a police officer sitting next to him. Jimmy asks the officer why he's cuffed as he was the victim but the officer says it's because he has "several outstanding warrants" and says he's looking at serving at least 30 days Jimmy tries to bribe himself out many different ways and eventually says that he can get the officer Pamela and Christopher Pemberton (Poodle and Chris) but the officer doesn't seem to know who they are.

Back home, Poodle and Chris take Mickey's room because their room looked like Mickey hosted a "bum fight" in it. Mickey asks Poodle if this has something to do with the kids sticking up for her but Poodle answers back in an annoyed way that it has nothing to do with it and asks her to leave. In the living room, Sabrina and Chip are seen watching tv. Mickey walks in and thank them for having her back earlier but Sabrina says that it had nothing to do with her and was just trying to hurt her parents and Chip seems to agree. Chip then goes on to say that now that their parents are back things can finally go back to how it was before Mickey came and Mickey seems pretty upset. She then heads up to Ben's room and sees Poodle tucking Ben into bed. She tells Poodle that they have a new routine now (killing all the monsters in the closet) but Poodle apparently knew about it. But Mickey insists she checks one more time but her actions while "killing the monsters" come off too violent to Poodle and before they leave Mickey gives her lighter to Ben to keep him entertained, then they have a talk in the hallway. Poodle goes off on Mickey telling her to back off that it's all hers. Mickey then asks her what the kids put her through and that she hasn't even paid her yet. Poodle then pulls out her check from a drawer and gives Mickey a check of $30k.

Back to Jimmy, the cops ask him about Poodle and Chris and make things clear that Jimmy isn't going to serve time. He keeps stalling time and gets the cops to do all this stuff for him. At home, Mickey is packing all of her stuff to leave and Alba comes in and asks her if she has a plan to get rid of Poodle and Chris but Mickey is planning to leave peacefully. But then Alba starts soaking a cloth with chloroform and attempts to put Mickey to sleep but fails. Later that night, Mickey catches Poodle and Chris trying to bail again and tell them how good their children is compared to them. Poodle tries to give her kids off to Mickey with $1 million. But then they suddenly hear the FBI banging on the door and Alba reveals that she called them and the couple runs off again. The cops that are with Jimmy get notified that they found the location of the Pemberton couple and leave. The couple are seen in the woods fighting, Poodle reveals that Chip isn't Chris' biological son then both get tackled down by police dogs and are caught.

After they are arrested, Sabrina and Chip tell Mickey that they heard Poodle and Mickey's conversation in the hallway then go up to Ben's room to see that Ben's whole room is on fire and they look at the house as it comes falling down from outside.



Guest Starring


  • Anthony Alabi as Officer Strassner
  • Joel Brooks as Detective
  • Dan Warner as Policeman




Episode Notes

  • This episode will feature both Pemberton parents sneaking into the mansion at midnight, marking their return from the mysterious dissapearance that triggered the rest of the season's events.

  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Pemberton kids' mother and father Pamela Pemberton and Christopher Pemberton since the Pilot.

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