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        "The Master" is the sixth episode of Season One of The Mick and the sixth episode overall. This episode officially aired on Januray 24th, 2017.[1]


Press Release

All hell breaks loose, as the kids fight over who will take the master bedroom. Also, Mickey pursues a wealthy businessman who quickly discovers that she is not the prize he thought she was.

Detailed Summary

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Guest Starring


  • Theodore Folsome as Fed #2
  • Richard Varga as Waiter




Episode Notes

  • When Chip replays the message his parents accidentally left through butt-dial, he hears three distinct things: "Fernando", "plane", and "gold bag". In addition there was a goose honk. When he looked at when in the world geese settle, he came across South America. Specifically Chile where his parents had their honeymoon. Poodle and Christopher are considered to be in Chile as of this episode.

  • Chip get's a phone call from his parents while Mickey and the rest of the household is present. Christopher's voice is heard over in a mumble, but Mickey and Sabrina conclude that the Pemberton parents butt-dialed them. But, Chip is sure that their call means that they will come home.
  • At the end of the episode, Fred and his colleague hear a message left for Chip on his mobile phone from Christopher stating that Poodle and him would fix things as soon as possible and said that "they loved him".

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