Totsi is a minor character on the second season of The Mick . His mother is famous actress Jennie Garth. He is portrayed by Jack Fisher.


Totsi is a excentric kid. He medidtates and practices karate. He tries to relieve others of their stuff by confiscating or breaking them. His mother doesn't believe in rules for kids.


The Climb

Ben brings home a new friend, Totsi. Mickey doesn't like him, because he doesn't listen to her. When she brings him home, however, she finds out his mom is famous actress Jennie Garth . She then tells Ben to continue to play with Totsi, eventhough he doesn't like him anymore, and Totsi broke his stuff. Ben then shaves part of Totsi's hair. To not let him run off to his mother, Mickey and Ben tie him to a chair. Totsi's mom walks in, and Mickey has lost her 'celebrity friend'.