Sabrina - I pity you.
Zoe - Oh... thanks.
— Quoted from The Bully

          Zoe is a minor character on the first season of The Mick. She serves as the antagonist in The Bully, and she majorly lowered Sabrina's self-esteem by posting her journal online. She made her series début in the thirteenth episode of the first season.

She is portrayed by Corina Boettger.


The Mess

Zoe makes a cameo appearance in the party, as do a few more minor characters.

The Bully

She is first mentioned in The Bully. Sabrina says that Zoe, a former friend, posted her diary online, ruining her social life. After Mickey inspires Sabrina to become her old, mean self, she encourages her to beat Zoe up. However, once Mickey sees that Zoe is disabled, she regrets her decision and tries to keep Sabrina from beating Zoe up. At the end of the episode, Zoe tells Sabrina that she's sorry for her actions, and she wanted to make it up to Sabrina. However, Sabrina rejects her offer and walks off with her friends.


Zoe has shoulder-length hair, green eyes, and dons a pair of earrings. She's always in a wheelchair, due to being disabled.


  • Zoe's one of the 2 people to be disabled in the show, the other one being Colonel Pemberton.